5 Bobinas

Queen of Aces
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Adventure,Multipliers,Free Spins,Expanding Wilds,15 Lines
Luck Vegas
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Las Vegas,50 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds,Stacked Symbols
Wheel Big Winner
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Jackpot,20 Lines,Free Spins,Entertainment
All Heart
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,30 Lines,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature,Wilds,Vintage
Great Golden Buffalo
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Animals,Free Spins,Wilds,Expanding Wilds,15 Lines
Hawaiian Dreams
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,10 Lines,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature,Wilds,Hawaii
Wish Me Luck
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Irish,Luck,20 Lines,Multipliers,Special Bonus Feature,Bonus Rounds,Wilds
Jingle Bell Jackpots
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Jackpot,Christmas,20 Lines,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature
Zeus Rising
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel
Return of Ra
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Egypt,10 Lines,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds
Wild Fishing
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Fish,30 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds
Great White Buffalo
Desktop,Saucify,3D Slot,5 Reel,Animals,Native America,Free Spins,Expanding Wilds,15 Lines
Miami Dice
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel
Neptunes Bounty
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Mythology,Sea,Fish,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,15 Lines
Mississippi Wilds
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Western,20 Lines,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature,Wilds
Party On Deck
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Sea,25 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins, Exploding Wilds,Entertainment
Red Hot Slots
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Jackpot,20 Lines,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature,Fire & Flames
Roaring 20s
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,25 Lines,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,Wilds,Oldies
Dead Beats
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Halloween,Horror,30 Lines,Free Spins,Expanding Wilds
Irish Wishes Double Cross
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Irish,Luck,5 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds,Double High Symbols,Pick on Reels Feature
Cricket Fever
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel
Upper Crust Abbey
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel
Reel Xtreme
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Sports,Adventure,Fitness,30 Lines,Free Spins
Big British Bake
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,20 Lines,Free Spins,Double Up / Gamble, Bake, British
Max Cash
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Adventure,Spies,50 Lines,Free Spins,Stacked Wilds
Yeti Hunt
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel
Sands of Space
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel
Cash Vegas
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel
Shells 'n Swells
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Summer,Sea,30 Lines,Free Spins,Expanding Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Tales of Time Travel
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel
Hercules - The 12 Labours
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel
The Prize is Right
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Money,TV,Wilds
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Pirates,Free Spins,Wilds,40 Lines
Win Another Day
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Action,Spies,20 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds, Double Wilds
Fairy Dust Forest
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Fantasy,30 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds,Jackpot
Destiny Wild
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Adventure,Free Spins,Wilds,15 Lines
Alpha Squad Double Cross
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Action,30 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds, Any-way
Spice of Life
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Food,25 Lines,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,Wilds
Monster Breakout
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Halloween,30 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds,Monsters
Well Oil Be!
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Oil,20 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds
Vegas Triple Pay Deluxe
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Las Vegas,20 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds
Millionaire's Life
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,10 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,Pays Both Ways,Luxury
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Jackpot,Pays 243 Ways,Sports,Bonus Rounds,Wilds, Football
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Mystery,Free Spins,Wilds,40 Lines
The Cash King
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,10 Lines,Wilds,Double Up / Gamble,Monarchy
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Luck,25 Lines,Free Spins,Expanding Wilds, Any-way,Stacked Symbols
Spirit of the Wild
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Animals,Wilderness,20 Lines,Free Spins,Expanding Wilds,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Nordic Wild
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel
Monte Carlo Heist
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Money,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line,40 Lines
Show me the Honey
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Animals,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line,40 Lines
Throne of Gold
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Treasures,Battle / War,25 Lines,Free Spins
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,30 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Band Outta Hell
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Halloween,Horror,Angels,Free Spins,Expanding Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line,40 Lines
Wolf Street
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Money,80s,City Life,25 Lines,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature,5 Bets/Coins per Line
7 Chakras
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Occult,50 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Vikings,Multipliers,Free Spins,Random Wilds,Expanding Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line,40 Lines
Traces of Evidence
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Crime,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature,Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line,40 Lines
Mrs Green's Plant Emporium
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Horror,Garden,Multipliers,Free Spins,Expanding Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Asian,50 Lines,Free Spins,Special Bonus Feature,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Sirens Serenade
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Sea,Vikings,25 Lines,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Big Game - Spin16
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Animals,Africa,30 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Spin16,Spin Hot/Cold,15 Bets/Coins per Line
Beat Bots
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Multipliers,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Elementium Spin16
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Science,Futuristic,10 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Spin16,Spin Hot/Cold,Random Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Big Froot
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Pays 243 Ways,Toys,Fruit,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Horn of Plenty - Spin16
Desktop,5 Reel,Jackpot,History,Europe,Adventure,25 Lines,Multipliers,Bonus Rounds,Wilds,10 Bets/Coins per Line,Double Up / Gamble
Age of Spartans - Spin16
Desktop,5 Reel,Jackpot,Animals,Asian,20 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Midnight Racer
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Cars,30 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Desktop,Saucify,Astrology,20 Lines
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Science,Futuristic,Multipliers,Free Spins,Stacked Wilds,Expanding Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,History,Medieval,10 Lines,Free Spins
Elemental 7
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Science,Futuristic,10 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Random Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Dollars Down Under
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Australia,30 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
The Last Pharaoh
Desktop,Saucify,Egypt,History,25 Lines,5 Lines,Expanding Wilds
Double Trouble
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Movies,Adventure,Spies,9 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Reelin and Rockin
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Fantasy,10 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line,Double Up / Gamble
Rise of Spartans
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,History,Battle / War,5 Lines
Le chocolatier
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Food,Europe,50 Lines,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds
Sweet Success
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Candy / Sweets,50 Lines,Random Wilds
Buckin Broncos
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Western,USA,Multipliers,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Perfect Date
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Love,30 Lines,Free Spins,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Small Soldiers
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Battle / War,USA
Legends of Olympia
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Mythology,History,50 Lines,Free Spins,Expanding Wilds
Arcadia Max Ways
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Pays 243 Ways,Toys,Multipliers,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Tails of New York
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Animals,City Life,USA,Random Wilds,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Horns of Plenty
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Jackpot,History,Europe,Adventure,25 Lines,Multipliers,Bonus Rounds,Wilds,10 Bets/Coins per Line,Double Up / Gamble
Desktop,Saucify,Winter,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line,15 Lines
Bucksy Malone
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Mafia,Crime,Multipliers,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,Random Wilds,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Samba Spins
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Fair,Carnival,Festive,50 Lines
Desktop,Saucify,Pays 243 Ways,Native America
Peek Physique
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Fitness,50 Lines,Free Spins
Road Trip - Max Ways
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Pays 243 Ways,USA,Cars,Expanding Wilds
Alpha Squad - Captain Shockwave
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Adventure,Action,50 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Lucky Leprechauns
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Irish,Luck,Free Spins,Random Wilds,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Football Fever
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Pays 243 Ways,Sports,Multipliers,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Big Game
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Animals,Africa,30 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line,15 Bets/Coins per Line
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,City Life,Shopping,5 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Alpha Squad
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Adventure,30 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line,15 Bets/Coins per Line
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Cars,25 Lines,5 Lines,Free Spins,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Gunspinners Gold
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Western,USA,30 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Road Trip
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,USA,Cars,9 Lines
Trick or Treat
Desktop,Saucify,Halloween,30 Lines
Wild Berry - 5 Reel
Desktop,Saucify,3 Reel,Bugs,Fruit,50 Lines,3 Bets/Coins per Line
Worlds at War
Desktop,Saucify,Battle / War,Futuristic,5 Lines
Reef Encounter
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Animals,Sea,25 Lines,5 Lines,Free Spins,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Monkey Business
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Animals,Sea,20 Lines,Free Spins,Bonus Rounds,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Legends of Greece
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Mythology,History,20 Lines,Free Spins
Rising Sun - 5 Reel
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,3 Reel,Asian,20 Lines,5 Lines,Wilds,1 Bet/Coin per Line
Wild Wizard
Desktop,Saucify,Astrology,Occult,25 Lines,5 Lines,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Age of Spartans
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,History,Battle / War,9 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line,Double Up / Gamble
Royal Banquet
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Food,Europe,Medieval,20 Lines,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Roll up! Roll up!
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Animals,Circus,9 Lines,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Reels of Rock
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Music,9 Lines,Free Spins
The Purse of the Mummy
Desktop,Saucify,Egypt,Horror,Treasures,15 Lines
Piña Nevada
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Drinks,5 Lines,Free Spins,Wilds,1 Bet/Coin per Line
Pieces of Eight
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Pirates,Treasures,25 Lines,5 Lines,Free Spins,10 Bets/Coins per Line
Frontside Spin
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Winter,Animals,Sports,9 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,5 Bets/Coins per Line
Code 211
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,City Life,Shopping,Multipliers,Free Spins,Wilds,5 Bets/Coins per Line,15 Lines
Aladdins Loot
Desktop,Saucify,5 Reel,Arabian,Adventure,Treasures,25 Lines,5 Lines,Multipliers,Free Spins,10 Bets/Coins per Line

3 Reel Slots

Bright Star
Desktop,Saucify,3 Reel,Space,5 Lines,Free Spins,Stacked Wilds
Beijing Nights
Desktop,Saucify,3 Reel,Asian,5 Lines,Free Spins

Jogos de Mesa

European Roulette
Vegas Strip
Desktop,Saucify,Vegas Strip BlackJack
Atlantic City
Desktop,Saucify,Atlantic City BlackJack



Dê vida a ação dos Caça-níqueis com os jogos Saucify

Reputação de classe mundial para o melhor em slots online.

A Saucify é fornecedora de renome mundial de jogos online e jogos de cassino premium. Com design do século XXI e a recusa em aceitar limitações, a Saucify coloca incríveis ações de caça-níqueis na ponta dos dedos dos jogadores. Os Caça-níqueis Saucify são repletos de imagens 3D incríveis que realmente dão vida à diversão, e a filosofia de excelência em entretenimento Saucify garante a nossos jogadores a melhor experiência de jogo on-line.

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